Being a Research Fellow

Recipients of New Harvest grants become New Harvest Research Fellows.

In late 2016 we observed that cellular agriculture researchers needed much more than financial support. In response, New Harvest has begun to foster a more collaborative environment for research fellows to 1) seek and provide practical guidance on day-to-day protocols, procedures, and research methods, 2) work on additional out-of-laboratory skills like science communications and public speaking, as well as 3) ride the ups and downs of research in an emerging field as a community.

Becoming a New Harvest Research Fellow means you do not only join the physical laboratory where you conduct your research; you also join a distributed community of scientists with different areas of expertise, all working towards the same goal.


The 2017 New Harvest Research Fellow Retreat


New Harvest Research Fellows convene online weekly, and in person at least once yearly at our Research Fellow Retreats. Each fellow conducts one-on-one progress calls with our Research Director, who also conducts site visits throughout the year. Research Fellows should consider New Harvest's Research Director to be a remote supervisor.

Research Fellows are also expected to participate in the New Harvest Conference every year.


Throughout the course of the research project, fellows can pitch to do Visiting Scholar stints at various institutions around the world to share learnings and techniques. Each Visiting Scholar opportunity is pitched and evaluated independently.