Nutritional Engineering

Nutritional Engineering and Analysis of Cultured Meat 

New Harvest Research Fellow: Andrew Stout, BSc Materials Science and Bioengineering, Rice University

Project Start Date: September 2017

Project Duration: Four years full time for a PhD in Biomedical Engineering

Institutes: Tufts University, Boston, MA, USA; NIH P41 Tissue Engineering Resource Center, Boston, MA, USA

Supervisors:  Dr. David Kaplan (Professor and Chair, Biomedical Engineering; Tufts University)

Project Abstract: 

This research will help us control the production of cultured meat to ensure the growth phase is effective and the differentiation phase is complete.


Environmental, ethical, and public-health concerns surrounding animal agriculture have generated much of the recent interest in cultured meat. By producing meat apart from the competing energy requirements present in whole animals, it is projected that cultured meat could lower the land-use, water-use, and greenhouse-gas emissions of meat. However, another exciting possibility exists in the opportunity to tailor the nutritional profile of cultured meats by introducing nutrients and bioactive compounds not typically found in meat, or not typically found at high levels in meat. This project aims to explore methods for nutritional engineering of cultured meat through bioprocess design or genetic strategies, and to understand the native nutritional properties of cultured meat. Through this work, we hope to understand the nutritional benefits that may be offered by cultured meat, elucidate the nutritional disadvantages that may be present compared to conventional meat, and explore methods to tailor the nutritional profiles of cultured meat products.



Andrew Stout at the culture hood in the lab at Tufts


Fun Facts: Andrew has been part of the cellular agriculture world for a few years! He has interned with Mark Post in Maastricht, the Netherlands twice, as well as with Geltor in San Francisco. Andrew also has an interest in comedy and theatre; he has written 50 original sketches and two short plays.