Annual Report 2017

New Harvest is a registered 501(c)(3) charity (EIN/tax ID number: 20-1425438).
All donations made to New Harvest in the United States are fully tax deductible.

Founded in 2004, New Harvest is the world's longest standing organization dedicated to research in the field of cellular agriculture. Through the contributions of a diverse and rapidly expanding international community of donors, we have been able to provide funding for open cellular agriculture research that is accessible to anyone and everyone with an interest in this emerging scientific field. 

In 2016, we published our first ever Annual Report and Reader detailing our vision, financial activities, research projects, and some of our favorite writings and memories. That inaugural report is available here

As we've continued on with our work building out the field of cellular agriculture, we've compiled even more insights and information to share. We're thrilled to present these in our Annual Report and Reader for the year 2017, available to download or view below.