Serum-Free Media for Cell-Based Seafood

Serum-Free Media for Cell-Based Seafood 

New Harvest Research Fellow: Cameron Semper, Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Calgary 

Project Start Date: August 2019

Project Duration: Two years, part-time 

Institutes: University of Calgary 

Supervisors:  Dr. Alexei Savchenko (Associate professor; University of Calgary) 

Project Abstract: 

Global seafood production is struggling to keep up with increasing demand resulting from population growth. Over-exploitation of wild fisheries has repeatedly led to fishery collapse, and in the process endangered the very existence of many commercially relevant fish species.  Aquafarming, once thought to be a promising solution, is rife with problems including disease outbreak, waste production, pollution and encroachment on existing ecosystems. Cell-based production of seafood represents a novel opportunity with the capability of providing solutions to the problems associated with existing seafood production; however, basic research and investment are both lacking in this area.  Here, Cameron proposes to lower the barrier for entry into this area by creating serum-free growth medium specifically tailored for fish cell culture.



BioXP, in-house gene synthesizer used for the project



DNA gel of synthetic genes coding for fish growth factors. These were synthesized de novo using the BioXP device