Curated Media

New Harvest’s Curated Media are our hand-picked media selections. We chose pieces that are as close to source material as possible: talks and interviews with the people working in this field.

We've also included a section on the skeptical point of view. Science is an ongoing conversation, and it's important to consider conflicting theories and arguments.

August 22, 2016

noma Sous Chef David Zilber moderates a panel discussion with Camille Delebecque (Afineur), Alex Lorestani (Gelzen), Arturo Elizondo (Clara Foods), and Ryan Pandya (Perfect Day) about the next era of food fermentation at the world's first conference on cellular agriculture.


August 22, 2016

The Institute for the Future's Rebecca Chesney moderates a panel discussion with Professors Paul Mozdziak (North Carolina State University), Marianne Ellis (Bath University), and Mark Post (Maastricht University) about cultured beef, pork, and chicken meat.


August 22, 2016

TechCrunch's Sarah Buhr leads a discussion on the implications of cellular agriculture for wildlife conservation, with Piotr Jakubowicz of Sothic Bioscience, Matthew Markus of Pembient, and John Baker of WildAid.


August 22, 2016

A conversation with Kenji Higashi of Spiber, Inc. and Cara de Fabio


August 22, 2016

A conversation with Lance Kizer of Ripple Foods and Andras Forgacs of Modern Meadow


August 22, 2016

New Harvest CEO Isha Datar moderates a conversation with Paul Shapiro (The Humane Society of the United States), Dana Perls (friends of the earth), David Renteln (Soylent), and Nicki Briggs (Near Boil)


November 17, 2015

This Week In Startups speaks with Matthew Markus of Pembient.


October 21, 2015

Mark Post speaks at the World Economic Forum


October 6, 2015

Isha Datar of New Harvest speaks about the post-animal bioeconomy at SXSW Eco 2015.


September 10, 2015

Ryan Pandya of Muufri speaks about Muufri’s work at the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge.

Muufri went on to win second prize in the Green Challenge, taking home €200,000 to advance milk made without cows.


August 13, 2015

Seeker Stories speaks with George Bonaci of Pembient.


May 6, 2015

Isha Datar speaks about animal products made without animals at the Empiricist League.


October 16, 2014

Isha Datar speaks on a panel about the future of meat, organized by the Museum of Food and Drink.


May 11, 2014

Mark Post speaks at TEDxMaastricht


December 12, 2013

Gabor Forgacs of Modern Meadow speaks at The New York Academy of Sciences


November 7, 2013

Andras Forgacs speaks at TEDxMarin


August 5, 2013

Video footage from Mark Post’s cultured beef burger tasting in London.


June 20, 2013

Mark Post speaks at TEDxHaarlem


June 13, 2013

Andras Forgacs of Modern Meadow speaks at TEDGlobal, where cell cultured leather makes its first appearance.


February 6, 2013

Andras Forgacs of Modern Meadow speaks at Solve for X.

More information on this Solve for X project here.


October 26, 2012

Isha Datar of New Harvest speaks at TEDxToronto about cultured meat and sustainable diets.


November 5, 2011

Mark Post speaks about cultured meat at the Next Nature Power Show in Amsterdam.


February 9, 2011

ABC News interviews Vladimir Mironov and Nick Genovese about cultured meat.


December 6, 2010

CNN interviews Jason Matheny about cultured meat



January 5, 2016

Dan Murphy of Drovers Cattle Network discusses the disconnect between the progress of cultured meat and the amount of media attention it receives.


September 28, 2015

Carolyn Mattick, Amy Landis, and Brad Allenby share doubts on the environmental impacts of cultured meat


August 12, 2014

Dan Murphy of Drovers Cattle Network shares some skepticism in this commentary piece.

Note: This author has written on this subject on this forum before, here, here, and here.


July 2, 2014

Andrew Masterson of the Sydney Morning Herald shares his doubts about cultured meat


August 7, 2013

The Knopfler Lab at UC Davis voices their doubts about cultured meat.