Dissertation Award

Are you in your last year of graduate school, seeking funding for the completion of your dissertation on cellular agriculture-related research?

The New Harvest Dissertation award is a one-time financial disbursement of $10,000 awarded to students in their final year of doctoral studies. Funds are allocated to students writing their final paper for publication in a peer-reviewed open access journal, and who plan to defend their PhD within one calendar year. Awardees’ research should broadly address cellular agriculture through basic research. Students must be currently matriculated in their fourth year of graduate school or beyond.

Work that is directly applicable to cellular agriculture includes, but is not limited to: research on vascularization, cell scaffolding materials, hollow fiber bioreactor design, muscle cell differentiation, serum free media formulations, or other basic science topics that could advance the state of cultured meat.

Dissertation award application deadline is November 15. Nominations are enthusiastically accepted.