How can we farm cells instead of animals?

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As the organization advancing cellular agriculture since 2004, New Harvest has pioneered a new field of science. Cellular agriculture has grown into a worldwide movement, industry, and field of research, thanks to 818 donors worldwide who make this work possible.

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How do we grow meat from cells?

Meat Cells

We're discovering how to best grow animal cells into meat.

Our researchers have already worked with beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and tilapia.


It is absolutely crucial that no animal products are used in the development of cell cultured meat. Our researchers are better understanding what animal cells need to grow, so we can develop growth media for producing cultured meat sustainably and ethically.


Muscle cells need to stick onto a surface before they become meat. Our researchers are exploring inexpensive, edible materials that we can grow animal cells on - like celery, potato, mushroom, and seaweed. Now that's food science!


When cultured meat hits store shelves, it won’t be made in test tubes or petri dishes. It will be made in large scale bioreactors. Our researchers are prototyping new bioreactor designs, and understanding what temperature, inputs, and outputs animal cells will need to grow into meat for food.

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