Spinach Scaffolds

Construction of 3D Vascularized Skeletal Muscle Tissue from Decellularized dSpinach Leaves for Cell-Based Meat Production 

New Harvest Research Fellow: Jordan Jones (BS Biomedical Engineering; Worcester Polytechnic Institute)  

Institutes: Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Worcester, MA

Supervisors:  Dr. Glenn Gaudette (Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Worcester Polytechnic Institute)


Project Abstract: 

The concept of in-vitro meat production promises to solve a number of growing concerns in the agriculture industry. One of the main barriers to this technology is engineering an edible, vascularized scaffold to maintain cell viability in 3D culture environments. Our lab has demonstrated that decellularized spinach leaves can be used as a 2D scaffold for mammalian cells. By utilizing the natural vasculature of decellularized spinach leaves, these scaffolds can be useful tissue engineering applications. We propose that a vascularized 3D culture can be created by layering these 2D cultures using decellularized spinach leaves as the scaffold.