Serum-Free Media

Serum-Free Media for Cultured Meat Production 

New Harvest Research Fellow: Kai Steinmetz (MSc in Biochemistry (German equivalent); Currently PhD candidate at the University of Auckland)

Project Start Date: January 2019

Project Duration: Full time; Three years funded; One year optional for completion.

Institutes: The University of Auckland, The Riddet Institute

Supervisors:  Dr Laura Domigan (Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences; University of Auckland); Professor Juliet Gerrard (Professor, School of Biological Sciences and Department of Chemistry; University of Auckland); Professor Warren McNabb (Professor, Massey University)

Project Abstract: 

This research aims to create serum-free and cost-effective growth and differentiation media for clean meat production. Both basal media and serum requirements will be addressed. A high-throughput screen using C2C12 muscle cells will be established to investigate NZ agricultural products for their potential as serum replacements, as well as low-cost alternatives to conventional basal media. In parallel, a defined media will bedeveloped. Small molecules will also be screened and compared to recombinant growth factors. This research will also establish a deer primary muscle cells culture for the first time, and test new media formulations on these cells.