Mission & Vision

Our mission is to build and establish the field of cellular agriculture.

Our vision is a strong foundation of accessible, public, fundamental cellular agriculture research, upon which a post-animal bioeconomy may be built, where animal products are harvested from cell cultures, not animals, to feed a growing global population sustainably and affordably.

egg production
New Harvest is advancing the science behind producing animal products without animals. For example, egg white proteins made by bioreactors instead of laying hens in battery cages.

It is time to re-think the supply chain of animal products.

By applying advances in tissue engineering and synthetic biology to growing food, we can revolutionize the supply chain of animal products to continue to provide affordable and sustainable food to a growing population. We call this "cellular agriculture."

medical science and food science
Cellular agriculture is an emerging field of research that lies at the intersection of medical science and food science. There is expertise in tissue engineering and cell culture in medical science, while the application of this work is in food science. Unfortunately, neither of these fields have taken ownership of cellular agriculture, which is why New Harvest is the sole group advancing this work.

Thanks to cellular agriculture, we can produce eggs, milk, meat, and more without intensive crop and animal farming. Unfortunately, this nascent field is not well supported by existing research funding mechanisms.

This is where New Harvest comes in.

Our goal is to plant the seeds of this crucial new field of research. Email to learn more.