#NewHarvest2016 covered in FastCompany: Meet The Woman Sciencing The S&%t Out Of Lab-Grown Animal Products

In July, New Harvest will bring all these disparate parts together at the nonprofit's first-ever Experience Cellular Agriculture conference. The one-day meetup will include the founders of New Harvest's companies as well as big names in the sustainable, alt-food arena like Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick and Alexander Lorestani, founder of alt-gelatin maker Gelzen. For the first time, some of the brightest minds in cell agriculture will share a stage.

"What we’re thinking about is a whole new economy where we produce all kinds of agricultural products without animals," says Datar. "There will be many layers and there will be lots of people with competing products actually creating something sustainable that can ultimately change the way that food is produced. The research is where everything starts."

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