Washington, D.C.

Spira tackles the problem of inefficient supply chain in our current food systems with effortless, cost-effective, and easy to implement microalgae systems that are sterile and optimize production. We've created novel processing and engineering techniques to showcase the potential of nutritional algae to enable personalized nutrition and customized taste. Spira is the enabling technology for the next green wave, an algae revolution. 

Cultured meat is a wonderful solution to many of the problems of animal agriculture but still faces some challenges of its own. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of a sustainable feedstock to supply the cells. Currently, the source of nutrients for cultured meat comes from serum derived from fetal tissue. Spira's research looks into a theoretical approach of modifying microalgae as a means of producing the serum necessary to make cultured meat grow. In addition, this exhibit will present the prototype of a home photobioreactor system as well as imagine a variety of food products that can be produced in this future kitchen appliance.