Jess Krieger

New Harvest | Kent State University

Jess Krieger is a biomedical sciences PhD student at Kent State University and New Harvest research fellow.  She decided to pursue cultured meat research after learning in her undergrad about the environmental consequences and animal welfare issues surrounding the animal agriculture industry. Her work aims to improve the similarity of in vitro meat to meat from livestock. Jess uses a skeletal muscle tissue engineering strategy to culture pork, with major focuses on muscle fiber formation, vascularization, and bioreactor design for scale up of meat production. 


Jess became a New Harvest Fellow in 2016 and her project was subsequently funded in 2017. She has received additional awards from Kent State University and the Shuttleworth Foundation to represent New Harvest in its visiting scholars program as part of an international collaboration to grow in vitro meat in plant-based scaffolds at Dr. Andrew Pelling’s lab at the University of Ottawa. Jess has presented her in vitro meat research at conferences and universities across North America and Europe and recently gave a TEDx talk on the subject at her home university. In her spare time Jess works to support and empower women in the sciences through her involvement with the Scientista Foundation.