Mokshagundam Biotechnologies

Los Angeles

Mokshagundaram Technologies' objective was to develop a cellular enhanced complete protein which does not require intensive resources, would be practical “in the field”, and could serve as a base in which other proteins such as myoglobin, actin, myosin, etc. could be expressed to simulate the taste of meat.


Their team expressed proteins in various single celled organisms and, utilizing proprietary techniques, drastically decreased post-expression processing to create a protein base. They were able to successfully develop an inexpensive, complete protein base consisting of cellular components and extrusion products. This base is low in methionine with resultant attenuation in IGF-1 signaling creating potential anti-aging and oncologic applications as well. A culinary process was refined by which this product can be incorporated into various regional foods (pasta, tortillas, etc.) which are inexpensive and highly palatable.