The New Harvest Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Are you seeking funding to focus your postdoctoral research on cellular agriculture?


The New Harvest Postdoctoral Fellowship Program funds postdoctoral fellows pursuing basic scientific research in cellular agriculture. To apply, interested PhDs (or Ph.D. candidates) should seek P.I.s interested in working with them and design a research proposal in partnership with their mentors. New Harvest postdoctoral funding is capped at $55,000 USD per year and covers stipend, materials, and open publishing fees. Research grants do not cover indirect costs. New Harvest welcomes proposals that are 1-3 years in length. Grants that contain university or government matching are given preference.

As in the New Harvest Fellowship Program, Postdoctoral Fellows will be expected to demonstrate a commitment to openness - ensuring that their work remains as accessible as possible, and abide by the research network policies and procedures.

Deadline for the Postdoctoral Fellowship grant application is January 15.