Optimization Algorithms for Cell Culture Media

Advancing Cell-Based Seafood through Recombinant Production of Fish-Specific Growth Factors for Use in Serum-Free Growth Medium

New Harvest Research Fellow: Zachary Cosenza, BS Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Project Start Date: August 2019

Project Duration: Three years 

Institutes: University of California Davis

Supervisors:  David Block, PhD (Department of Viticulture and Enology/ Department of Chemical Engineering; UC Davis); Keith Baar, PhD (Functional Molecular Biology Laboratory; UC Davis School of Medicine) 

Project Abstract: 

The cost of mammalian cell culture media currently makes industrial production of cultured meat products commercially difficult. Finding alternatives using factorial design or naive single-component analysis is inefficient due to the large number of nutrients required and their interactions. Zachary is developing and using next generation experimental design methods to improve culture media for murine C2C12 and primary muscle cell lines using as few experiments as possible as has been done successfully for other fermentation systems. Additionally, because future work in this field will require further alterations to processing, the optimization method will be generalizable and robust for different design objectives, cocultures, reactor types, and feedstocks.