New Harvest funds and supports open, collaborative, academic research for the advancement of cellular agriculture.

Since 2008, we have committed over $2,388,250 in grants for 21 research projects across six countries in five academic disciplines. 

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Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Are you seeking funding to focus your postdoctoral research on cellular agriculture?


The New Harvest Postdoctoral Fellowship Program funds postdoctoral fellows pursuing basic scientific research in cellular agriculture. To apply, interested PhDs (or Ph.D. candidates) should seek P.I.s interested in working with them and design a research proposal in partnership with their mentors. New Harvest postdoctoral funding is capped at $55,000 USD per year and covers stipend, materials, and open publishing fees. Research grants do not cover indirect costs. New Harvest welcomes proposals that are 1-3 years in length. Grants that contain university or government matching are given preference.

As in the New Harvest Fellowship Program, Postdoctoral Fellows will be expected to demonstrate a commitment to openness - ensuring that their work remains as accessible as possible, and abide by the research network policies and procedures.

Deadline for the Postdoctoral Fellowship grant application is January 15.

Graduate Fellowship Program

Are you seeking funding for a Ph.D. in cellular agriculture? The New Harvest Fellowship Program, established in 2015, supports this critical research.


The New Harvest Fellowship Program provides funding for doctoral (Ph.D.) students pursuing basic scientific research in cellular agriculture. The program consists of a three-year training grant program that financially supports the fellow and connects them to the New Harvest research community. Fellowship training grants cover student stipend, tuition, and supplies, and up to 6.5% overhead. The target grant amount is $40,000 USD per year of support.

Interested students should begin by finding a principal investigator (P.I.) with the requisite expertise who is interested in working with them. Then, prospective students design and submit a five to six-page research proposal in partnership with their P.I. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for university matching grants and government funds. Grants that have been matched are given preference in the review process.

As openness in research is a core value for New Harvest, Fellows are expected to demonstrate a commitment to openness throughout the duration of their term - ensuring that their work remains as accessible as possible and that findings are published in a peer-reviewed open access journal.

Once accepted, all New Harvest Research Fellows will be expected to participate in weekly remote group meetings and to attend Lab Meets with the New Harvest staff every six months. Research Fellows may also be asked to participate in New Harvest’s annual cellular agriculture conference by speaking or presenting a research poster and abide by the research network policies and procedures.

Deadline for the Fellowship program application is January 15.

New Harvest is unable to accommodate grant deferrals.

Seed Grant Program

Are you seeking funding for a short term project focused on cellular agriculture?




The New Harvest Seed Grant is a one-time disbursement of up to $5,000 USD in funding for projects lasting six months, or $2,500 USD for projects lasting up to three months. This program has funded projects in cellular agriculture since 2017. The deliverables of any Seed Grant project must remain open and unpatented. Open licensing is encouraged.

Applications for a New Harvest Seed Grant should include a short literature review, a description of the intended project, a description of outputs, a timeline, and budget.

Deadline for the Seed grant application is January 15. Indirect costs are prohibited for seed grants.

Dissertation Award

Are you in your last year of graduate school, seeking funding for the completion of your dissertation on cellular agriculture-related research?

The New Harvest Dissertation award is a one-time financial disbursement of $10,000 awarded to students in their final year of doctoral studies. Funds are allocated to students writing their final paper for publication in a peer-reviewed open access journal, and who plan to defend their PhD within one calendar year. Awardees’ research should broadly address cellular agriculture through basic research. Students must be currently matriculated in their fourth year of graduate school or beyond.

Work that is directly applicable to cellular agriculture includes, but is not limited to: research on vascularization, cell scaffolding materials, hollow fiber bioreactor design, muscle cell differentiation, serum free media formulations, or other basic science topics that could advance the state of cultured meat.

Dissertation award application deadline is January 15. Nominations are enthusiastically accepted.




How To Apply

Interested in New Harvest research? Email to learn more.

Interested applicants for any New Harvest grants are encouraged to contact our Program Manager, Jeremiah Johnston, to receive a detailed package with instructions, procedures for submissions, and grant terms. Program grants (excluding the Seed Grant) undergo a full external review process prior to acceptance; decisions are issued three months after the submission deadline.

Have more questions on any of New Harvest’s grant opportunities? Our approach to openness? How to design your research proposal? The day to day experience of being a New Harvest Fellow? For these and any other program-related inquiries, or to apply for a grant from New Harvest, get in touch with Jeremiah!



Updated on April 29, 2020